What to Eat at The Ginger Exchange, Opening Tomorrow

The Ginger Exchange opens in the former home of Inman Square’s Montien tomorrow. The restaurant comes from the owners of Burlington’s Ginger Pad and focuses on standard Japanese fare: bento boxes, noodles, and sushi. Of particular note: the desserts, which include a fried cheesecake roll with a ginger-caramel sauce.

Lettuce Wraps peanut noodles, julienne vegetables, rice strings with chicken or tofu single 8.99 double 14.99
Teriyaki Chicken Potstickers crispy minced chicken & vegetables dumplings (4 pcs) 4.50
Thai Spring Rolls vegetarian with a sweet chili sauce (2 pcs) 3.99 (6 pcs) 9.99
Fresh Summer Rolls rice noodles, julienne vegetables rice wrapper, spicy peanut sauce with shrimp 7.99
with tofu 7.29
Inman Wings naked or thai buffalo 6.99
add fries 3.00
Edamame steamed soybeans, lightly salted 3.79

Bean-Town Nutty haricot verts, peanut noodles, candied spiced almonds, balsamic sesame dressing 8.99
Mixed Green Salad mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, ginger or creamy sesame dressings with chilled miso eggplant or grilled chicken 8.99
grilled salmon 10.99
South Station mixed greens, napa cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, tossed in our ginger, sesame dressing 7.99
with grilled chicken add 2.00
Fruit Market seasonal fresh fruit, melons with lime. thai basil drizzle 8.99
Avocado Melon Salad avocado melon, maui onion, sesame lime juice, wonton basket 9.79

Rice & Noodle Bowls
Teriyaki Chicken served with a vegetable medley 9.99
Drunkard’s Noodles fresh wide noodles, bell peppers, bean sprouts, egg, basil, hint of chili with chicken or veggies 9.99
shrimp add 1.00
Pad Thai Chicken pad thai noodles, bean sprouts, crushed peanuts, egg and basil
Singapore Rice Noodles thin rice noodles egg, carrots and bean sprouts in our signature yellow curry with chicken or veggies 9.99
add shrimp 1.00
Exchange Pho choice of house broth coconut curry or tom yum with thin or flat rice noodles with chicken, beef, shrimp or vegetables & tofu 9.99
General X’s Chicken breaded chicken onions, mandarin oranges with a fruit of chili 9.99
Kung Pow bell peppers, baby corn, peanuts, onions, chili peppers with chicken 9.99
beef add 1.00
Pineapple Curry Fried Rice served with grilled chicken or tofu 9.99
grilled salmon add 3.00
Korean BBQ Beef grilled flank steak with smoky korean bbq sauce 9.99
Chicken Lo Mein lemongrass, thyme rubbed chicken breast over to mein noodles 9.99

Teriyaki Bento Boxes - Choose 1

Served With Fruit Or House Salad (Seaweed Salad Add $2)
Chicken Beef
Vegetables & Tofu
Shrimp add 1.00
Salmon add 2.00

Teriyaki Bento Boxes - Choose 1 Of Each
Spring Roll
Pot Stickers
White Rice
Brown Rice
Lo Mein Noodles

Teriyaki Bento Boxes - Maki $4
Spicy Tuna
Spicy Salmon
Sweet Potato

Sushi Combos
Served With A House Salad (Seaweed Salad Add $3)
Maki Combo choose 2 or 3 makis. based on selection
Sushi 6 pieces of sushi (assorted or cooked) plus maki from selection b or c 14.99
Sushi & Sashimi 6 pieces of sashimi, 5 pieces of sushi 18.99
Selection A $5.25
Teriyaki Chicken
Spicy Tuna
Spicy Salmon
Spicy California
East Maki
Eel Avocado
Selection B $4.50
Sweet Potato
Selection C $4
Sweet Bites
Mochi Box mango, strawberry and vanilla 4.99
single 1.79
Ice Cream green tea, ginger or mango 2.99
Side Fruit Salad 3.99

Lettuce Wraps peanut noodles, assorted julienne vegetables and rice strings, with chicken or tofu. single 8.99 double 14.99
Mama’s Dumplings our signature handmade dumplings (like mama’s. they’re based on availability) pork or vegetarian pan seared (4 pcs) 8.99
Thai Spring Rolls seafood or vegetarian (2 pcs) 3.99 (6 pcs) 10.99
Fresh Summer Rolls rice noodles, julienne, vegetables, rice wrapper, spicy peanut sauce with shrimp 7.99
with tofu 7.29
Cocktail For Two 2 jumbo shrimp wrapped in phyllo, wasabi pineapple salsa 6.79
Redline Wings naked or thai buffalo 7.99
Edamame naked lightly salted 3.99
saucy 5.99
Extreme Ribs sweet & smoky, finger-lickin ribs with a twist of lime (per rib) 2.99 (per 1/2 rack) 15.99
Mai-Tai Shrimp Skewers 2 jumbo shrimp, caramelized pineapples, grilled, secret glaze (per skewer) 5.99
XXX Platter (serves 2-3) mai-tai shrimp skewers. mama’s dumplings. thai buffalo wings, vegetables, tempura and edamame 29.99

Miso Soup 3.49
Peanut Noodles 4.99
Tom Yum Soup 3.99
Japanese Pickles 4.99
House Salad 3.49
Seaweed Salad 5.99
Wok-Seared Bok Choy 4.99
Lemongrass Snow Peas 6.99
French Fries 3.99
Brown Or White Rice 2.49
Pineapple Fried Rice cup 2.99 bowl 5.99

Specialty Entrees
Teriyaki Sizzler caution: comes searing to your table. chicken 15.97
steak 17.97
shrimp or salmon 19.97
Korean BBQ Beef grilled flank steak with smoky, korean bbq sauce and seared bok choy 17.97
Pad Thai Chicken & Shrimp pad thai noodles, bean sprouts, crushed peanuts, egg, basil 13.99
Exchange “Pho” house broth, coconut curry or tom yum with thin or flat rice noodles and chicken, beef, shrimp or vegetables, tofu 13.99
General’s Chicken & Shrimp breaded chicken and shrimp, onions, mandarin oranges, hint of chili 16.99
Firecracker Beef bell peppers, baby corn, peanuts, onions and chili peppers 16.99
Pacific Curry vegetables, slow-simmered in red curry. served with pineapple fried rice. grilled salmon or veggie katsu 18.99
Okinawa seared jumbo scallops with lemongrass and Okinawa sweets 19.99
Tofu Tikka Masala grilled tofu, red curry, yogurt and spices 14.99
Moshe Trio three varieties of seasonal mushrooms
Miso Eggplant miso glazed japanese eggplant served with steamed bok choy 14.99

Bento Box
Upgrade To A Bento For Only $8. Choices: Ginger-miso Crudites Or Edamame, Chef’s Creation Or Mama’s Dumplings
Spicy Tuna
Spicy Salmon
Sweet Potato
Avocado Cucumber
California Roll

Sushi Bar Starters - Cool Creations
Hamachi Sashimi with soy, serrano pepper 12.95
Lobster Salad with chips 15.95
Naked Naruto tuna, cucumber, avocado, asparagus, tamago, obi, horseradish, tobiko in a cucumber wrap or salmon, cucumber, avocado, tobiko in a gingered daikon wrap 11.95
Tataki Teasers choose tuna, spicy white tuna or beef 12.95
Tartar Too spicy tuna or truffled salmon 14.95
Seared Scallop Carpaccio 11.95
Uni, Quail Egg Shooter 5.95

Sushi Bar Starters - Better Hot
Hamachi Kama 15.95
Agedashi Tofu 6.95
Shumai Shrimp 5.95
Kobe 10.95
Tempura Shrimp 5.95
Vegetables 5.95

Sushi Entrees
Sushi Dinner 9 pcs of sushi, sake cucumber maki 24.95
Sushi & Sashimi 10 pcs of sashimi, 6 pcs of sushi, sake cucumber maki 29.95
Sashimi Dinner (22 pieces) 35.00
Sushi & Sashimi Platter 16 pcs sushi, 18 pcs sashimi, 2 makis 74.95
Spicy Trio spicy tuna, spicy salmon, spicy california makis 16.99
Bostonian shrimp tempura, teriyaki chicken, california makis 16.95
Veggie Combo (V) inari sushi, sweet potato maki, avocado, cucumber maki 14.99
Chef Sang’s Chirashi ** assorted sashimi, mixed greens, veggies and avocado with korean hot pepper paste or ponzu sauce 22.95
Unadon unagi and avocado on top of rice 14.95
O-Omakase 3 courses of chef sang’s creations, dessert pp 45.00
Chef’s Specialty Rolls
Over The Rainbow california roll; tuna, salmon, white tuna 11.95
Caterpillar unagi, cucumber, tobiko; avocado 10.95
Green Monster shrimp tempura, cucumber; unagi, avocado, tobiko, chive eel sauce 13.95
O.M.G * hokkigai, cucumber, tobiko; tuna, horse radish, wasabi sauce, kaiware 16.95
Eastern Keys avocado cucumber, tempura flakes; salmon, mango sauce and tobiko with key lime 14.95
Lobster Roll * lobster, lettuce, avocado, cucumber, obi, tobiko, mayo 16.95
Rock star truffled rock shrimp tempura 15.95
Mt. Fuji avocado, cucumber; spicy scallop, crabstick, baked 11.95
Pyro seared tuna or salmon, eel sauce; avocado, cucumber 14.95
seared hamachi, truffle oil, salt; shrimp, tempura, cucumber 18.95
seared white tuna, spicy eel sauce, tuna flakes; avocado, cucumber, yamagobo 15.95
Big Bull * shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber and tobiko; tuna, red bull sauce 13.95
Farmers Market avocado, asparagus and cucumber; sweet tofu 9.95
Sake-2-Me salmon tempura, avocado, asparagus. cream cheese, cucumber 10.95
Hoppin Jalapeño * spicy tuna, tempura flakes, cucumber; white tuna, salmon, jalapenos, wasabi tobiko 14.95
Phoenix * california roll; salmon, avocado, sriracha and spicy mayo 13.95
Red Line * cucumber, avocado or cream cheese, spicy mayo; tuna 16.95
Spider soft shell crab tempura, cucumber, tobiko; tobiko 11.99

Tekka * 5.25
Sake * 4.95
Salmon Skin ** 4.95
Spicy Tune ** 5.95
Spicy Salmon ** 5.50
Sake Avocado ** 5.50
Avo Cucumber ** 4.75
Unagi Avocado ** 5.50
Ebi Tempura 6.00
Shiitake Tempura ** 5.50
Negi Hama * 4.75
Negi Maguro * 6.50
Avocado 4.00
Kani 6.50
Kappa 3.95
Kanpyo 3.95
Sweet Potato 4.75
Asparagus 4.25
Eel 4.25
California ** crabstick, avocado, cuke 4.75
California Snow snow crab, avocado, cuke 8.25
Philadelphia * salmon, cuke, cream cheese 5.50
Boston * salmon, lettuce, avocado, cuke 5.75
East shrimp, avocado, cuke 5.75
Alaskan broiled salmon, avocado, cuke 5.25
Cambridge hamachi, tempura, avocado, cuke 8.50
Crazy shrimp tempura, avocado cuke 6.95
Lori * tuna, obi, cucumber, cream cheese 5.75
Veggie yamagobo, kanpyo, avocado, spinach, asparagus 5.50
Futo veggie subtract asparagus, add tomato, crabstick, oshinko 7.50
Spicy Tuna Salad ** with cucumber wrap 7.95
Spicy Salmon Salad ** with cucumber wrap 7.95
** Available As A handroll

Sushi & Sashimi
Toro * fatty tuna
Chu toro * fatty tuna
Maguro * tuna 5.55
Sake * salmon 4.75
Hamachi * yellow tail 5.50
Saku * white tuna 5.00
Suzuki * striped bass 5.00
Hirame * fluke 5.00
Hokigai surf clam 5.75
Hotate * scallop 5.75
Kanikama crabstick 4.00
Kani snow crab 6.25
Ika * squid 5.00
Tako octopus 5.50
Sabe * mackerel 4.75
Uni * sea urchin 6.75
Ebi shrimp 4.50
Amaebi * sweet shrimp 7.50
Unagi with avocado 6.00
freshwater eel 5.50
Anago sea eel 5.95
Tobiko * flying fish roe 5.25
Ikura * salmon roe 5.25
Tamago egg 4.50
Inari tofu 4.50

Exchange Cocktails $9
Dark & Stormy ginger beer, topped with goslings black rum, over rice
Asian Pear grey goose pear, domaine de canton and fresh pear nectar, served up
Shiso Hito our twist on a classic mojito
Maharaja tanqueray with mango, lemon and orange, served up
Lycheepolitan lychee shaken with absolut
Mai Tai a classic drink reinterpreted with asian flair
Gin Ginger hendrick’s gin, domaine de canton, fresh lime over ice
Sake-Tini square 1 cucumber vodka, house sake and muddled cucumbers, straight up

Bottles & Cans
Asahi Super Dry, Lager japan 4.50
Budweiser, Lager st.louis, missouri 3.50
Corona, Lager mexico 4.50
Dale’s Pale Ale lyons, colorado 5.25
Hitachino Ginger, Spiced Ale japan 8.00
Julius Echtor, Hefe-Weiss germany 6.50
Kirin Ichiban, Lager japan 4.50
La Chouffee Houblon Dobbelen, IPA Triple belgium 8.00
Maudite, Belgian Strong Dark Ale quebec 6.50
Old Rasputin, Imperial Stout fort bragg, california 6.50
Morimoto Soba, Ale 22oz oregon 11.00
Sankaty Light, Lager nantucket 5.50
Sapporo, Lager 22oz japan 7.00
Spaten, Oktoberfest germany 5.00
Stella Artois, Lager belgium 5.00
Taj Mahal, Lager 22oz india 7.50
Troegentor, Double Bock harrisburg, pennsylvania 6.00
Allagash, White Ale maine 6.00
Bud Light, Lager st. louis missouri 3.50
Le Chouffe, Strong Pale Ale belgium 7.00
Sam Adams seasonal boston 5.00
Rapscallion, Honey Ale holyoke 5.50
Sierra Nevada, Pale Ale chico, california 5.50
Southern Tier, “Unerthly” IPA lakewood, new york 6.00
Unibroue Terrible, Belgian Strong Dark Ale quebec 9.00

Cheesecake Rolls crispy, warm cheesecake in a ginger-caramel sauce 5.95
Molten Chocolate, Green Tea decadent, warm chocolate lava cake with green ice cream 7.95
Tropical Roll fresh mango wrapped in coconut sticky rice and soy rice paper, with mango ice cream 5.95
Mochi Sampler 5.50
A Touch Of Sweet a specialty japanese green tea confection 4.95

Non-Alcoholic Beverages
Aloe Lemonade 2.99
Iced Green Tea with ginseng 2.99
Organic Ice Tea 2.99
infuse add .50
Organic Hot Green Tea cup 2.79
Organic Hot Rea pot 5.99
Honey Citron yuzu citron, honey 3.49
Honey Ginger spicy ginger, honey 3.49
Vietnamese Coffee 1.99
Soda 2.49

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What to Eat at The Ginger Exchange, Opening Tomorrow