What to Eat at MidAtlantic, Opening October 6

MidAtlantic, Daniel Stern’s “tap room” concept, will open tomorrow with foods that “celebrate the best of what was and what is to come, with a focus on reinterpreting the roots of traditional Philadelphia foods and Pennsylvania Dutch flavors.” So what exactly does this mean? A lot of scrapple, apparently.

There are crab, chicken, veggie and pork scrapple offerings in sandwich form, salads, sandwiches and nightly specials - an $18 platter of corned beef and cabbage on Thursdays, for example - a nightly $30 prix fixe, and desserts like Philly-style butterscotch bread pudding.

There’s also a ‘snacks’ section, which includes fried oysters and clams and uses pretzels in a variety of ways. For those of us who remember the days of buying four pretzels for a quarter in a paper bag from haunted-looking men sitting on the median of Roosevelt Boulevard, we sincerely hope that a $6 “soft pretzel with homemade condiments” is insanely delicious.

Specialty cocktails run from root beer-inspired to colonial-era throwbacks like shrubs and fish house punch. The beer list includes the current ironic-cheap-beer favorite National Bohemian, but leans more heavily into the crafty varieties. See the food, cocktail, beer and wine lists here.

MidAtlantic, 3711 Market St.; (215) 386-3711

What to Eat at MidAtlantic, Opening October 6