What to Eat at East, Grand Open Tuesday

Photo: East

East is currently soft-open on Hollywood Blvd. and will be open to all next Tuesday. East is the first restaurant from David Judaken’s Syndicate Hospitality Group, known for successful nightlife ventures like Garden of Eden, Mood, Opera/Crimson, and MyHouse. The menu, created by former Lutece Las Vegas exec chef Keven Alan Lee, manages to embody the fun of a wild night in Asian-twisted dishes that also sport the carefully chosen ingredients befitting a serious restaurant. Skeptical of the zone where nightlife meets dining, East’s menu actually appears quite inspired to us.

A sashimi selection uses gourmet seasonings like oak chardonnay salt and toppings like a cashew sambal or roasted corn, with one dish served in an avocado shell called a Dinosaur egg. Fun fun! Elsewhere, a Kobe beef duo is topped with quail egg, an ounce of caviar comes with sriracha creme fraiche, and honey agave lamb chops are served aside Chinese sausage souflees. There are small plates and a wide selection of poultry, fish, and “grazers”, as well as house cocktails and a martini menu (including The One-Night Stand and The Facial), all with their own fresh takes. Though some of the “drizzles” put the “mayo fear factor” in us until we see them, Lee’s Asian-influenced menu truly pushes towards colorful ground we haven’t seen in a while and didn’t expect here.

East’s interior was created by Dodd Mitchell and looks a little like how we picture Hugh Hefner’s grotto. A large patio is cobbled together with white painted stone and brick shards, with leather booths placed beneath a skylight and among green trees. As opposed to foreboding Hollywood nightclubs in the area, East’s interior is visible from the street, helping paparazzi stalk their prey with greater ease through the glass doors. Initially skeptical, so far the menu and atmosphere appear enticing. East’s entire food and drink menu is below. East opens October 6th, at 6611 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood; (323) 462-EAST for reservations.


Tuna Sambal
Big Eye Tuna, paired with cashew sambal,
avocado, drizzled with candied poke sauce

Tuna Tostada
Diced Tuna belly served on top of wonton chip,
mixed with house Ponzu sauce, topped with
avocado, sesame seed, and pickled onion

Yellowtail combined with our spicy soy lime
sauce, served amongst a green papaya salad

Miso Mustard Hawaiian Walu
Drizzled with miso mustard cream sauce, chili
garlic oil, chive essence, finished off with oak
chardonnay salt

Garlic Chili Hawaiian Walu
Served with garlic chili sauce, eggplant caviar,
topped with key lime segments

Dinosaur Egg
Diced albacore, tossed in a house Unagi sauce,
encased in an avocado shell, topped with
sesame seeds

Tuna Southwestern Style
Albacore topped with charred corn, pea tendrils,
cilantro, scallions, and chipotle lime sauce

Scallop on the ½
Fresh scallops on a ½ shell, with a lemon grass
sambal, wasabi crème fraîche, shiso dust and

Oysters on the 1⁄2
Dressed with Vietnamese mignonette, yuzu
gelée, and pickled onion

Kobe Beef Ensemble
Kobe Beef Carpaccio and our Kobe Beef Green
apple tartar are combined to create this signature
plate. Laying on top of this ensemble is a sunny
side quail egg, drizzled with a creamy za’atar sauce

Red Snapper Tartar
Mixed with yuzu kosho, crème fraîche, shallots,
chives, served with fried root chips

Small Bites

Drunken Tofu
Nut Brown Ale and Sake infused tofu, shiitake
mushrooms, and Napa cabbage, captured in a
steamed and seared rice paper pillow, drizzled
with pomegranate syrup

Lump Dungeness Crab Cakes
Fresh Dungeness crab meat crusted in a
Japanese Panko, served on Crab crisps with
Miso Ginger Aїoli

Duck Shumai
Steamed Duck confit, seared and plated with
ginger gastrique, and orange brown butter

Curried Pulled Lamb
Served on top of Perilla Leaves

Lobster Dog
Maine lobster placed on top of Brioche bread
and drizzled with garlic Hollandaise

Cavier Sampler
1 oz American Sturgeon Caviar, accompanied
with a trio of Wasabi Crème Fraîche, Truffle
Crème Fraîche, Siracha Crème Fraîche, chopped
red onions, minced egg and fresh chives

Sashimi Fish Sticks
Four types of Sōmen noodles, tangled with our
daily fish selection, paired with our signature
sauce and market vegetables

S O U P S , S A L A D S & N O O D L E S

Organic Soba Noodle Salad
Tofu, mushrooms, scallions, sweet tomatoes tossed in a ginger dressing

East Salad
Organic greens mixed with Comice pears, candied pumpkin seeds, pickled daikon, onion sprouts, and pickled ginger Yuzu dressing

Warm Spinach, Shiitake and Duck Salad
Fresh spinach tossed with arugula greens, Shiitake mushrooms, duck confit, Bali pepper, tossed in sherry vinaigrette. Topped with crispy pancetta and roasted young candy beets.


Bali Peppered Tuna
Ahi Tuna paired with a mix of gingered sweet potatoes, mélange of tangled fried carrots and beets, accompanied by our Parallel 30° Barbeque Sauce

Monkfish Osso Bucco
Paired with purple Thai rice and a green curry sauce

Sake Seared Scallops
Fresh Sea Scallops are seared and served over a sweet corn custard garnished with a coriander cream Sauce

Whole Fried Red Snapper
Thai Red Snapper plated with pickled Persian cucumber chiffonade of raw vegetables with a ginger dressing, along with a spicy citrus tomato and pepper relish

Black Cod
A delicate fish, slow steamed in raw sugar and sake. A must have dish!

F OW L , P O U LT R Y & O T H E R S

Organic Free-Range Chicken
Five spice chicken, seared and roasted, coupled with Chicken confit , bamboo rice, and drizzled with Opal Basil Lychee Gastrique

Garlic Chili Quail
Frenched semi boneless Quail roasted in a garlic and chili rub served over a sweet potato, asparagus and coconut salad


Habachi Style Kobe Steak
Grade Five Kobe accompanied by Bunashimeji mushrooms

Prime Skirt Steak
Served along with flashed organic Rapini and a Garlic chili sauce

Lamb Chops
Marinated in organic Agave Honey and Serrano chili, drizzled with an Oyster glaze, paired sweet Chinese sausage soufflés


Furamaki Shishito Peppers and Pea Sprouts
Topped with black and white sesame seeds, shaved Nori, Bonito flakes and Tomasaki sauce

Seasonal Local Farm Vegetables Selection
(Ask Server )

Sweet Potato, Asparagus, and Coconut Salad

Bunashimeji Mushrooms

Purple Thai Rice

Young Bok Choy

Soy Lacquered Jumbo Asparagus

Gingered Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Chinese Sausage Soufflés

Bamboo Rice


East of Eden
Vodka / Thai Basil / Passion Fruit

Red Rum
10 Cane Rum / Ruby Red Grapefruit / Serrano Chili / Orange Bitters

One Night Stand
Pear Vodka / Lychee Nectar / Sage / Honey Lavender Syrup

Vodka / Cointreau / Raspberries / Cucumbers / Serrano Chili/ Opal Basil

The Facial
Tequila / St. Germaine / Cucumber / Passion Fruit

Vodka / Strawberry / Serrano Chili / Cointreau


Shady Lady
Vodka / Sake / Honey Dew / Cucumber / Green & Chamomile Tea

The Wingman
Bourbon / Licor 43 / Mint / Fresh Citrus

Rye Whiskey / Red Bell Pepper / Opal Basil / Agave Nectar

Shiso Berry
Gin / Yuzu / Raspberries / Shiso Leaf / Hibiscus Tea


Champagne / Gin / Strawberry / Ginger

Joi De Veev
Champagne/ Veev / Blueberry

What to Eat at East, Grand Open Tuesday