What to Eat at Chef Eda Vesterman’s Hatchi Dinner at Breadbar

Herb-infused Goat Cheese and Peaches, on Belgian Endives
Herb-infused Goat Cheese and Peaches, on Belgian Endives Photo: Thamas Schauer

First, some bad news for fans of Breadbar’s Hatchi Series. Top Chef malcontent Marcel Vigneron’s December 17th dinner has already been sold-out, long before a menu has materialized, with over 90 reservations. The good news is the next Hatchi dinner, with Chef Eda Vesterman, has been announced, and tables are available for October 29th. Vesterman began her career in nutrition before working as a sous chef locally at Moomba and as exec chef at Boston’s Bamboa, and later pitching in to Patina’s event catering division, which famously handles the Emmy’s Governors Ball.

Vesterman, former head dietitian of the Miracle Mile Medical Center, has designed her Hatchi menu around Earth’s four elements, cleverly disguising the healthy improvements imbued in such fare as mini duck burgers, filet mignon medallions, and Dungeness crab cake, while the fine print reveals organics and lean meats. Reservations are currently being accepted for Vesterman’s Hatchi dinner at (310) 277-3770. Her full Hatchi menu is below:

BreadBar’s Hatchi Series
All Plates $8

four elements
a celebration of life through food
chef eda vesterman
6-10 p.m.

sangria aperitif with champagne and berries

mini duck burgers
ground lean organic duck breast with a special center on whole wheat brioche

dungeness crab cake
a play on mango, mint, and avocado

seared scallops 3 ways
served with parsnip puree and corn butter, raspberry habanero, and spinach basil sauces

butternut squash fritters on a bed of mixed baby greens

wild mushroom and chevre lasagna
between layers of fresh spinach pasta

fillet and porcini reduction sauce
mignon medallions and okra sweet potatoes

tiramisu mascarpone ice cream
wild berry martini

What to Eat at Chef Eda Vesterman’s Hatchi Dinner at Breadbar