What to Eat and Drink at Square 1682

Photo: Kirsten Henri

Square 1682, the restaurant and lounge in the Hotel Palomar at 17th and Sansom streets opens its doors to the public October 14 with chef Guillermo Tellez in the kitchen serving a “new American menu with world flavors.” What exactly does that mean? Let’s investigate the menu.

The menu, which you can preview here, does indeed travel the globe, with everything from potato and sage gnocchi to the classic Mexican pepper and pomegranate dish, chiles en nogada, to duck sausage cassoulet. Tellez tells us he pickles his own vegetables in house, makes his hummus with preserved lemon and, in keeping with the hotel’s “green” mission, is attempting to source as many of his raw ingredients as possible from purveyors who adhere to sustainable methods.

The drinks menu, which leans towards the arty side, was created by Kimpton’s cocktail consultant Jacques Bezuidenhout and can be seen here. Split into classics and signatures, it includes new-fangled creations like a “Tai-Fashioned,” a reinvention of an Old Fashioned using Flor de Cana rum and muddled ginger. Margaritas are made with agave nectar rather than triple sec or orange liqueur - allegedly to better head off a hangover - and if you order a martini at the bar, you’ll receive Plymouth gin doctored with a healthy dose of vermouth and a dash of orange bitters, in the super old-school style.

There’s a also a bar menu of shareable dishes, which you can check out here.

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Square 1682, Hotel Palomar, 121 S. 17th St.; (215) 563-5008

What to Eat and Drink at Square 1682