We Have a Winner for Two AWFF Tickets!

Photo: AWFF

Thanks for the laughs, Los Angeles! It was tough deciding on a winner for our giveaway of two tickets to Wolfgang Puck’s 27th Annual American Wine and Food Festival this Saturday, such was the hilarity that ensued upon receiving your entries. There were great zombie jokes, anti-marriage jokes, and even a joke about Phillipine lumpa which we enjoyed, but in the end, editorial democracy triumphed to give us a winner. Now without further ado, the winning joke…

Q. Why did the French chef commit suicide?

A. Because he lost his huile d’olive.

Thanks to Amber B. Holley for giving us the giggles with this clever multi-lingual food-centric bit!

Amber, you’ve won two tickets to this Saturday’s festival and we’ll be contacting you via email with more details. Thanks again to everyone who sent us their funniest bit. You’re all winners in our book blog! Tickets are still available for the festival.

We Have a Winner for Two AWFF Tickets!