Uo Is Now Serving Secret Sushi on the LES

Photo: Jenny Miler

Sushi restaurants may not be popping up with as much frequency in the recession, but that didn’t stop Uo (slang for “fish” in Japanese) from opening quietly a couple of weeks ago on the second floor of 151 Rivington Street. An unmarked black door leads into a dining room that’s directly above the similarly unsigned basement bar 151. The dim and narrow space is done in black and white, and the lighting has a candlelight feel. Sushi chef David Bouhadana is just 23; he has worked at Morimoto and is traditionally trained in sushi making, having studied in Japan. His menu is centered around the sushi bar, with an emphasis on a rotating daily selection of fresh fish, along with nontraditional garnishes, like the black goma and creamy mustard sauces, arugula pesto, and sunomono gelée that adorn pieces of nigiri on a chef’s tasting plate. Uo is currently open from Tuesday through Sunday, 6 p.m. till midnight. Watch this space for photos; in the meantime, check out the menu below.

From the Kitchen

Seared somen noodle bundles with tsuyu dipping, 10.5

Chipotle spiced tuna on crispy rice, 13

Salmon skin salad with almonds, grape tomato, edamame, Fuji apple, with arugula, 12

Smoked duck breast takoyaki style, 9

Buttered parchment roasted mushroom mix, 8

Creamy rock shrimp tempura duo, 14

Boneless short ribs with roast fennel beer braise, 9.5

Mixed tempura with vegetables, kisu, shrimp, 12.5

Vegetable tempura, 11

Boiled edamame with sea salt, 5

Miso soup, 4

From the sushi bar


Tuna with cilantro, jalapeño, and citrus, 14

Hamachi with dill, thyme, and shallots, 12

Edamame with shiso and citrus, 9

Three tartare tasting plate, 15

Hamachi carpaccio with housemade ponzu and white truffle oil, 11.5

Aji tataki, 15.5

Chef’s choice sashimi plate, 14

Usuzukuri: Thinly sliced fluke with a selection of garnishes, 12.5

Oshitashi, 5

Sunomono with octopus and shrimp, 8

Today’s selection of sushi/sashimi [changes daily, 3-8 per piece]


Tuna, 5

Spicy Tuna, 7

Salmon, 4.5

Salmon avocado, 6.5

Yellowtail scallion, 8

Eel avocado, 7.5

Soft shell crab, 11

Pacific roll with fresh crab, avocado, cucumber, 9.5

Shrimp tempura, 7

Sweet potato tempura, 6

Lightly broiled whitefish with asparagus and enoki, 9

Sashimi roll with cucumber, tuna, salmon, yellowtail, 10

Vegetable roll with marinated kanpyo, daikon, cucumber, avocado, 8.5

Salmon tempura asparagus and creamy mustard sauce, 11

#1 Classic 8 pieces nigiri plus spicy tuna roll, or 12 pieces sashimi, 19

#2 Uo Nigiri Plate: Salmon with black goma sauce, wasabi crusted tuna with creamy mustard sauce, marinated chopped saba, hirame with micro shiso, red snapper with arugula pesto, striped bass with sunomono gelée, 26

#3 Daily select plate, nigiri or sashimi, a more diverse selection of sushi based on the daily fish menu, 37

#4 Chef’s choice sushi and sashimi platter. A combination of elements from the classic nigiri plate, the Uo nigiri plate, and the daily select plate

Uo, 151 Rivington St., nr. Suffolk St, second fl.; 212-677-5470.

Uo Is Now Serving Secret Sushi on the LES