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Top Chef: ‘Major Diva’ Padma Back Next Season, Tyler Florence on Tonight

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A no-show last week allowed us to take a breather from Top Chef, but tonight Tyler Florence judges a slot-machine themed challenge. Off camera, the show has been renewed for a seventh season — no location announced yet, but casting calls are being held across seven cities. (Bravo also announced the November 16 premiere of Chef Academy, in which the “World’s Sexiest Chef,” Jean Christophe Novelli, teaches nine disciples.) Padma tells People that she’ll be back next season. Meanwhile, an anonymous message boarder who “worked behind the scenes” last season answered some questions over on Reddit before his or her account was deleted. According to Eater’s account, the source (who, keep in mind, may or may not have been legit) called Padma a “major diva” who got along with Gail but not so much with Tom. Also: “Rocco DiSpirito scared us. Intense guy … kind of picky and easily-offended.” And: “There is a list of people that the producers hope will last.”

Top Chef: ‘Major Diva’ Padma Back Next Season, Tyler