Tom Mylan’s Wedding Was the Most Hipstavore Thing Ever

Photo: Winnie Au

Yesterday, when we brought news of sexy rock-star butcher Tom Mylan’s recent wedding in Vermont, we wondered what the food spread looked like. Given that his wife, Annaliese Griffin, is the editor of Brooklyn Based, we suspected there’d be a locavore aspect to it, and boy were we right. Surprisingly, there was no pig roast (just barbecued-beef sandwiches with meat from Mylan’s stomping grounds, Fleisher’s), but we’re told the grub was prepared by Caroline Fidanza (Saltie), Brent Young (Mylan’s brother-in-butchery at the Meat Hook), Dennis Spina (Roebling Tea Room), Millicent Souris (the Egg chef came up with a mac and cheese with potato-chip crunch on top), and Jill Meerpohl (Vinegar Hill House). The cake came from Kelly Geary of Sweet Deliverance. The pickles were, of course, from McClure’s.

Caroline Fidanza and Brent Young do their thing.

And at the wedding were Carlo Mirarchi of Roberta’s, Harry Rosenblum and Taylor Erkkinen from Brooklyn Kitchen, Mateo Kehler from Jasper Hill Farm (who was responsible for the cheese plate), Talitha Whidbee from Vine (which provided magnums of cabernet sauvignon specially bottled for the wedding by Olivier Cousin), and half the staffs of Marlow, Diner, and Roebling Tea Room. And to make things even more insidery: Griffin’s sister is a barista at Marlow (Mylan’s old place of employ) and her boyfriend is a server at Apartment 138. Check out the spread below and you’ll agree there’s a great business plan here — anyone care to go into the Brooklyn-locavore wedding-planning business with us?

Tom Mylan’s Wedding Was the Most Hipstavore Thing Ever