Todd English Feared a “Confrontation” With Erica Wang

Photo: Regan Communications

The New York Post painted Todd English as a runaway groom on Sunday, he appealed to the Boston Globe today. According to the chef, he and Erica Wang had long been in therapy because she had a violent temper - violent enough to result in stitches for English after she hit him in the face with his watch. “Until that day, I planned to go through with the marriage,’’ he told the Globe. “I disappeared before the wedding because I didn’t want to get into another confrontation with Erica.’’

English also accused Wang of charging too much on her credit card and added that his friends had tried to talk him out of the wedding. “Look, I’m stubborn. I wanted a relationship, something stable for my kids, someone I can come home to and not be verbally, psychologically, emotionally, and physically abused.’’ Where will Wang respond next?

Todd English’s Side of the Story [Names/Globe]
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Todd English Feared a “Confrontation” With Erica Wang