The Other Critics

Three Stars for the Farmer; Magnolia Still Thriving

Photo: Courtesy the Farmer

• In Pleasanton, special reviewer Nicholas Boer gave the Farmer three stars for its classic fare. “After a 20-year hiatus from a long restaurant career, [owner Sue Martinovich] is again providing comfort in the form of iceberg salads, fried chicken and peach cobbler.” [SF Chronicle]

• At Magnolia, the atmosphere is young and exuberant, the service efficient, and the food good. Mostly. Paul Reidinger noted that while some of the Louisiana-influenced sides fell flat, the rest of the food “retains its gastro-pubby, beer-friendly edge.” [SFBG]

• Yao Ming put Beijing Restaurant on the map by proclaiming it his favorite. Meredith Brody went to check it out and found it quite authentic. “The owners and staff all come from Beijing, and cook many of their favorite northern Chinese dishes from home as well as the familiar Cantonese- and Szechuan-influenced food they know American restaurantgoers expect.” [SF Weekly]

Three Stars for the Farmer; Magnolia Still Thriving