The Other Critics

Three Stars for Coriander; Another Look at Bon Savor

Breakfast at The Friendly Toast
Breakfast at The Friendly Toast Photo: Pathfinder Linden

• Devra First has three stars for Sharon’s Coriander. After reopening, “this is still the best place to eat in Sharon. In fact, it’s one of the best places to eat Indian food in the Boston area.” [Globe]

• The installation of Marco Suarez in the kitchen earns Bon Savor a rare re-review from MC Slim JB, who loves it: “one of the best fine-dining options in the neighborhood, a worthy alternative to local standouts like neighbor Ten Tables.” [Phoenix]

• The Dig tries (and enjoys!) the Good Life’s new El Barrio Brunch, finding it an excellent hangover cure. [Dig]

• Cheap Eats goes old-school with a visit to Greg’s Restaurant in Watertown, where dishes like toasted ravioli and stuffed shrimp are hit or miss, but somehow satisfying. [Globe]

• Robert Nadeau has two stars for Punjab Palace. It’s “a second-tier Indian restaurant”, but reliably enjoyable nonetheless. [Phoenix]

• Mat Schafer gives The Friendly Toast a C+, but seems to like it on balance: “OK, so promised whipped cream with the waffle was AWOL and the French toast was burned. Fuhgedabout such details. After all, at TFT, more is unapologetically more.” [Herald]

Three Stars for Coriander; Another Look at Bon Savor