The Sweet Side of Halloween: Chefs Share Their Favorite Candies

Photo: juushika/Flickr

For all that Halloween bills itself as a day of of over-the-top costumes, orange and black decorations, and a general focus on all things spooky, it’s common knowledge that the real point of the holiday is the acquisition of candy. And while delicately crafted confections made from exotic ingredients may fly in a restaurant setting, even chefs aren’t immune to the allure of classic store-bought candies when it comes to a trick-or-treat bag. We asked Patrick Fahy, Paul Virant, Stephanie Izard, and a handful of other chefs what sorts of sweets they keep an eye out for this time of year.

Blackbird’s Patrick Fahy likes to make a homemade version of Butterfinger — “but it’s tricky!” he warns. For storebought, he goes with Caramello or Mounds candy bars.

Paul Virant of Vie is a Kit Kat fan, and likes to hand out M&Ms.; For all his love of produce, he believes Halloween is firmly about candy: “When we used to get apples in our bags, I would throw them as hard as I could at the house.”

Carnivale chef Mark Mendez finds that his tastes run towards the fancy: “I love Vosges Barcelona candy bars even though they are a little pricey to give away for Halloween. I tend to the chocolate route instead of sugary, I like Hersheys mini bars, especially Krackel and Mr. Goodbar. Also M&M; peanuts.”

Suzy Crofton of Crofton on Wells goes for seasonal candies: “I really like Candy Corn. It’s so fresh at Halloween, I eat it until I feel sick (which is about two handfuls).”

Stephanie Izard of the soon-to-open Drunken Goat has changing tastes: “My fav growing up was Charleston Chews… if you put them in the freezer for a bit they are delicious! Now I would say Snickers. I only eat the Halloween size — they are so small I pretend I did not eat a candy bar. Even if I have five.”

Cary Taylor of Chaise Lounge says he’s “always had a thing for the big candy bars like snickers or reeses. Candy Corn is pretty addictive too, an only great during the season.”

Dirk Flanigan of The Gage draws a generational line: “Reeses, for the kids. But I love Zagnut and Almond Joy.”

The Sweet Side of Halloween: Chefs Share Their Favorite Candies