The Fifth: Opening Soon, Somewhere

The fifth restaurant from Dine & Drink, inc. (that’s the team behind Volo, Paramount Room, and the Kitsch’ns) will be called — wait for it — The Fifth, notes Dish. But it’s not just the restaurant’s quinary status that makes the name apt: chef Stephen Dunne plans to build his menu around the gimmick of limiting each dish to five components. Grub Street got in touch with Dine & Drink honcho Jon Young, who elaborated on the idea:

“There’s kind of a minimalist approach to it,” he told us. “This is where Chef Dunne comes from, it’s his style. He doesn’t like things to be three feet tall if they don’t need to be. I’ve never seen him do something as a garnish if it doesn’t add to the dish.” The minimal approach extends to the room, which will have a streamlined style that departs from the aesthetic at Volo and Paramount Room.

That’s not to say that those two restaurants won’t be informing The Fifth: the new place’s wine list (“a very boutique selection, we’re aiming for all organic, biodynamic, and/or sustainable bottles,” says Young) will be curated by the group’s wine director, and Paramount Room’s cocktail champion Shawn Koch is designing the cocktail list, which will be inspired by the old glamour of The Rainbow Room, but with a modern twist.

Young won’t spill the restaurant’s location (or even the neighborhood, though he promises “it’s easy to get to”), but he did tell us this: the opening date he has in mind? October 16. This Fifth is coming fast.

The Fifth: Opening Soon, Somewhere