Super 88 Files for Bankruptcy

The strange saga of Asian supermarket chain Super 88 continues, with the chain filing for bankruptcy on Thursday according to the Herald. This is just the latest woe for Super 88: in August, owners George and Peter Luu announced plans to sell the three remaining Super 88 stores to New York based Hong Kong Supermarkets, but in September it was revealed that the Luus had already promised two of the stores to other buyers and the sale to Hong Kong was stopped by an injunction. Banners announcing a name change to Hong Kong, however, still hang on the stores and Hong Kong attorney Hayes Young remains confident that the sale will go through.

Fortunately for Asian food fans, none of these developments have even temporarily shuttered the stores or the restaurants contained within and the bankruptcy will be no exception. Nonetheless, you might do well to take this as a reminder of the fragility of favorite spots housed in the Super 88 like Pho Viet.

Super 88 Files Bankruptcy [Herald]

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Super 88 Files for Bankruptcy