Street Food Off The Street; ‘Smart Choices’ Suspended

• Perhaps as a reaction to Chicago’s draconian street-food laws, high-end restaurateurs are bringing street food indoors. [Crain’s Chicago]

• Jewel’s Urban Fresh Market, a concept store designed to fit into a smaller retail footprint, will close by the end of the month. [Tribune via GB]

• The “Smart Choices” program, which allowed food manufacturers to label their foods as healthier options, has been suspended after the FDA announced it would investigate whether the program is misleading to consumers. [WSJ]

• Do-it-yourself butchery is increasingly popular with classes cropping up in cities across the country. [NYT]

• Some suggest that Todd English’s relationship with Erica Wang collapsed because the chef was stressed about his restaurants. [NYP]

• Wolfgang Puck and Mario Batali will join Daniel Boulud in opening restaurants at Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands resort. [NRN]

• Nissan is considering adding electric car charging stations to fast food restaurants. [SFGate]

Street Food Off The Street; ‘Smart Choices’ Suspended