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Stefan Richter Knows That You Know He Won ‘Top Chef’

Richter at Stefan's at L.A. Farm
Richter at Stefan’s at L.A. Farm Photo: Stefan’s at L.A. Farm

Stefan Richter gave LAist some face-time today and in typical style, veered from the “softer side” we keep hearing about into loud opinions on how awesome he was on T.V. “I think America knows that I won Top Chef,” he says, dismissing actual winner Hosea as “a really good kid.” Richter portrays himself as a true L.A. local, showing love for flip-flops, warm winter weather, farmer’s markets, Japanese influences, and In-N-Out (he likes it 4x4 animal-style, naturally). Despite the huge props he’s receiving for the taste and quality of his burger and small plates, Richter admits a fondness for easy-listening seventies prog-rock, “I fucking love Rush, Journey, and Boston,” he says. Indeed, “Don’t Stop Believing” is the introductory song to Stefan’s at L.A. Farm’s website.

While Angelenos might take issue with Westsider Richter’s rhetorical question “Is there anything past the 405,” they are more likely to be offended by his trips to Taco Bell that miraculously yielded him a pepper tree from the Bell’s hot sauce packets. “I don’t want anyone touching my tree,” he says. Called to the mat for making runs “to the border” in the epicenter of Mexican America, Richter redeems himself with a mention of La Playita, one of the Westside’s best Mexican spots. “They make the sexiest tacos al pastor,” Richter says, moments after letting everyone know the adjacent 99 Cent Store has “some sexy shit there,” as well. Richter will be cooking at The Inner-City Arts Gala tomorrow night, where Mexican pizza will probably not be served.

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Stefan Richter Knows That You Know He Won ‘Top Chef’