Sky’s Tacos To Go Mobile with Its Own Food Trucks

Sky's on Pico
Sky’s on Pico Photo: L.A. Taco

Sky’s Gourmet Tacos will soon be joining the food truck trend, with plans to fund a mobile version of its restaurant that mixes soul food into Mexican standards, according to Fast Casual Trends. Sky’s owner confirms with us that they want to have two trucks in Los Angeles if possible. This marks the second time an established restaurant has embraced the local food truck craze that has been gaining endless press since Kogi first revved its engine. This summer, Border Grill took to the road in a successful venture that continues Twittering and trucking today.

Kevin Minor, Sky’s co-owner, tells Fast Casual Trends, “Kogi completely changed the L.A. perception of the ‘roach-coach’ cuisine vehicle,” saying he can now embrace what he felt would hurt his business in the past. While we can’t wait for a known Mexican restaurant to take to the roads and reclaim the lonchera, Sky’s is no typical taco stand, adding Cajun shrimp, omelets, and turkey to its Southern U.S. tacos. Like the culturally confused tacos of Kogi and Nom Nom, its food lends itself well to the trend and after 17 years of vigilance on a stretch of Mid-City Pico, should bring a lot of new attention to Sky’s.

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Sky’s Tacos To Go Mobile with Its Own Food Trucks