Simon Dolinky Goes Mad as a Hatter for Blvd 16 Dinner

Porcini mushrooms
Porcini mushrooms Photo: KThread via Flickr Creative Commons

A new generation that tripped out to Alice in Wonderland seems to have come of age in Los Angeles, as a Wonderland trend has been popping up. Royal/T held a Mad Hatter’s tea party this summer in Culver City and now The Dolce Group has opened a Lewis Carroll-themed nightclub called Wonderland on Cahuenga, complete with chess-piece topiary and waitresses in tutus serving “Tweedle Dee” cocktails. Prior to the release of Tim Burton’s Alice, chef Simon Dolinky at Westwood’s Blvd 16 is setting up a Wonderland tea party-themed dinner to coincide with the marketing of Hewitson’s 2006 Mad Hatter Shiraz.

Dolinky will smartly smoke beef carpaccio with black tea, throw generous helpings of mushrooms into oxtail ravioli, and mix jalapeno and cilantro into a crazy crumpet. The dinner will be one-night only on November 3rd, and paired with Hewitson Wines, including Mad Hatter. Wonderland provides a basis for Dolinky’s wild creativity to flourish, take a look for yourself on this tentative menu, below.

Tentative Mad Hatter wine pairing dinner menu from Chef Simon Dolinky
November 3, 2009
At Blvd 16

Tea sandwich reception:
1 pineapple and macadamia nut, 2 confit of Temecula honey onions, breakfast radish, and lemon aioli, and 3 watercress and black olive

First Course
Black Tea Smoked Brandts beef carpaccio, tomato preserves, caper berries, shiraz blushed shallots and arugula

Second Course
Oxtail ravioli with porcinis and exotic mushroom tea

Third Course
Coriander and espresso spiced Colorado lamb loin, cilantro and jalapeño “crumpet”, almond mole sauce

Chocolate terrine with hazelnuts rosemary tangerines

Simon Dolinky Goes Mad as a Hatter for Blvd 16 Dinner