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Sifton Treks to Flushing; Eat Then Exercise at Brooklyn Bowl

Imperial Palace “is not a formal restaurant nor in any way a perfect one; service can be slapdash, particularly if you speak no Chinese. But the cooking is extremely sophisticated,” writes Sam Sifton in a one-star review of a Cantonese restaurant in Flushing. [NYT]

“The city’s second A Voce is a complement to — not a clone of — the first, with its own menu and design sensibility,” writes Jay Cheshes, who finds that Missy Robbins now “relies more on her own seasonal whimsy.” [TONY]
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At Brooklyn Bowl, “all you have to do, while stuffed, is take a few steps forward and drop a twelve-pound ball on the floor, so there’s no sin in downing the carefully considered greaseballs the Blue Ribbon boys sling your way,” says Nick Paumgarten. [NYer]
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The Best Bet: Brooklyn Bowl

Bark Hot Dogs “offers a short seasonal menu; if you delve into it, you may never go back to franks,” says Robert Sietsema. He favors a pork-patty sandwich and a grilled cheese made with sharp Cheddar. [VV]
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Forget the blogger hype. When he tried it, Bill’s Bar and Burger “was not perfection. This was not the best burger in New York. This was not even a good burger,” testifies Alan Richman. [Forked/GQ]
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At Gospel Uptown, the food “is clean and stylish, handsomely mounted with the currently essential leaves and sprouts, and affordable if not actually cheap,” says Gael Greene. “There’s not a grain of irony in Gospel Uptown’s plan, but rather an innocence and sincerity that makes me hope it finds a loyal claque.” [Insatiable Critic]
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Sifton Treks to Flushing; Eat Then Exercise at Brooklyn Bowl