Pun And Games: Bakin’ And Eggs Opening In Lakeview

Photo: Mitchell Feinberg; food styling by Sarah Jane Crawford

Our tolerance for punningly named restaurants is never all that high, but we’re inclined to override our inherent displeasure when it comes to the ingeniously constructed Bakin’ and Eggs, a breakfast/lunch/brunch restaurant coming in early November to 3120 North Lincoln Ave from Gina Howie and Bob Hartwig.

We have a harder time forgiving the fact that the new resto bears a subtitle — properly speaking, it’s “Bakin’ and Eggs: A Lovely Restaurant” — but since it indicates a familial relationship to Howie’s similarly subtitled Lovely: A Bake Shop, we can’t be too cranky. Time Out has details on the menu, including an epically savory caramelized onion, balsamic and blue cheese frittata, a dedicated coffee bar, and a trend-baiting bacon “flight,” with four or five types of cured pork belly served side-by-side. We’d expect nothing less, given the name. [TOC]

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Pun And Games: Bakin’ And Eggs Opening In Lakeview