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Where to Watch the Phillies vs. the Dodgers

10 Arts' Phillies Cupcakes
10 Arts’ Phillies Cupcakes Photo: 10 Arts

The city is on the edge of its seat in anticipation of tonight’s game… it’s bar seat, that is. Where will you go to watch the game tonight? Better yet, where can you go to pre-game where the password is “Hamels?”

Tria’s Rittenhouse location, is offering $2 off of all draft beer until 8:07 p.m. when the game starts. You must use the password “Hamels.” You’ll be wanting to move along by 8:07 anyway, since Tria does not have a TV.

• Perhaps you’ll go to the Piazza at Schmidts which is showing the game on the big screen, serving $1 dogs and as much beer as you can drink for $15.

Swift Half in the Piazza will have half-price buffalo shrimp and scallops plus Stoudt’s American Pale Ale for $3.

Bridget Foy’s on South Street is offering $3 hot dogs, $2.50 Yuengling lagers, $3 Kenzingers and a $5 Red October cocktail.

• If you want to eat your excitement, check out the Phillies cupcakes at 10 Arts - there are TVs in the lounge area.

We haven’t forgotten you, Dodgers fans! Here are some ways to get your L.A. on in Philly.

Where to Watch the Phillies vs. the Dodgers