Paul Kahan Taqueria Project Gets A Name: Big Star

Not Paul Kahan's tacos al pastor
Not Paul Kahan’s tacos al pastor Photo: pheezy/Flickr

As we’ve been reporting, the old Pontiac Cafe space is getting a taqueria/beer and a shot joint early this winter (no set opening date yet). The space now has a name: Big Star.

We put out an APB to find out where the name comes from and haven’t heard back yet, but we thinks it’s a little curious as the guys behind the project say: “In the tradition of avec, we are putting forth food without pretension.” Maybe they considered “King Midas’ Taqueria Stand,” in which case Big Star is very humble, though it’s likely they’re just laughing at themselves and know that everyone and their mother and their mother’s ferret has been talking about this place for months. After all, the partnership arrangement among the taqueria’s principles is called 4KH, aka Four Knuckleheads. Also, we know chef Paul Kahan is a huge music fan, so maybe there’s a connection to the influential 1970’s power pop band.

Whatever the case, they’ll be offering a rotating daily selection of $3 whiskey shots (Tuesday for Weller 7 year special reserve is your best bet), and chef de cuisine Justin Large, inventor of the fried peanut butter-banana bites with wildflower honey and bacon at Violet hour, has the following menu planned:

Al pastor



Specialty flavor

Flavors change weekly

Queso fundido

Chips and salsa

Frijoles charros

Frijoles pintos



Paletas (Mexican creamsicles)

Dulce de leche milkshake



Paul Kahan Taqueria Project Gets A Name: Big Star