Pasadena Weekly Picks Three Best Restaurants, Now You Be The Judge

Argentine parilla
Argentine parilla Photo: Diego_3336 via Flickr

The Pasadena Weekly picked their favorite new restaurants in The San Gabriel foothills, completely aware that a “best new” list will surely anger someone somewhere for some reason. Now we’re dying to know who. So, first up is 1810, an Argentine spot that is helping memories of Gaucho Grill disappear with its home recipes and family passion for la plancha. In a good sign, national dishes like milanese and entrana skirt steak are the paper’s go-to dishes.

It’s been a big year for gasto-pubology in Pasadena this year, with Brix 42 getting The Weekly’s slip for Green Street Tavern, which ventures into wild boar, Cajun paella, and alligator on select nights, with diver scallops and garlic shrimp cazuela named as best bets. Finally, we’re sure Glendale having its own Katusya is validation for some Kardahsian fanatic out there, as it gets named as the third of the town’s best and brightest. We admit their small plates are worth savoring, and the paper smartly focuses on those and never utters best sushi or other heresy. With that being laid out, we’d love to hear from San Gab’s pickiest on what’s gone right and what might have gone wrong with Pasadena Weekly’s picks of the best and new.

Best new Restaurants [Pasadena Weekly]

Pasadena Weekly Picks Three Best Restaurants, Now You Be The Judge