The Other Critics

No. 9 Still Dazzles; Coda Much Improved

Photo: Justin Ide

• Breaking: No. 9 Park is still worthy of three and a half stars. “One feels privileged to eat at No. 9 Park, in both senses of the word.” [Globe]

• In a nice moment of critical honesty, Mat Schaffer admits his re-review of Coda was inspired by a suggestion from the restaurant’s publicist. He gives it a positive B, noting that the food is much improved over Charlie Redd’s direction. [Herald]

• Robert Nadeau gives two stars to Bubor Cha Cha where “you can eat very well.” [Phoenix]

• Cheap Eats wants to like Norwood’s Mint Cafe, but the lukewarm apps are disturbing. Better to stick to the standard Thai entrees. [Globe]

• MC Slim JB pops by Ducali and, to his surprise, finds that “these pizzas are actually terrific.” [Phoenix]

No. 9 Still Dazzles; Coda Much Improved