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Morimoto Skewering Airports with Yakitori Concept

Photo: Food Network

Oh, Morimoto-san, how far you’ve strayed from Philly. First, a restaurant in New York, then Northern California and now… the airport terminals of America. Nation’s Restaurant News reports that the Iron Chef will open a series of yakitori-based quick service restaurants, called Skewers, in airports around the country.

The restaurants will serve grilled meats and vegetables that can be eaten on site or taken onto the plane with prices under $20. No sushi on the menu and no word yet on which specific airports will have the restaurants. Also, is it just us, or does Skewers as a name deserve an exclamation point, like “Skewers!”?

Morimoto develops fast-casual airport restaurant [NRN]

Morimoto Skewering Airports with Yakitori Concept