Michigan Avenue to Smell Like Caramel Corn, Again.

Photo: Michael Nagrant

Last May, Michigan Avenue popcorn shop Garretts, stalwart purveyor of a familiar caramel popcorn perfume that always lingered over North Michigan Avenue shuttered. But guess what folks? (Cue scary voice of little girl from Poltergeist movies) They’re back!

On October 15, Garretts throws open the doors a popcorn ball’s toss from the old location at 625 N. Michigan Ave. Opening day festivities will include free small bags of popcorn (as if the regular lines weren’t long enough) until noon, Garrett rain panchos (assumingly so you no longer have to get cheesecorn stains on that nice shirt, or maybe just in case it rains butter), and scratch-and-win tickets for a variety of prizes.

It seems if you wait around long enough these days, that long gone celebrated Chicago institution you once pined for will return. However we were kind of bitter after the whole Berghoff tearjerking sell-off of restaurant memorabilia and the vaunted closing only to have it relaunch a few weeks later as “17 West at the Berghoff”, which was pretty much the Berghoff with a few new dishes and a smaller dining room. This time around we’ll let things slide, as we’ve spent many a winter walking down the Magnificent Mile, holding hot wax bags of buttery caramel corn as substitute space heaters, and we missed it. Now, if we can only get Kiddieland back.

Michigan Avenue to Smell Like Caramel Corn, Again.