Michael Mina: No Burgers for the Rabble

Photo: Courtesy The Mina Group

Michael Mina has no plans to make the burger at RN74 available to the general public, keeping it on the menu only for those who own condos in the building. “We really have a restaurant concept that we want to keep the way it is,” he told us last night at the Condé Nast Traveler Reader’s Choice Awards dinner in New York. “I love the fact that it’s a great burger, but we want people to order what the chef there, Jason Berthold, [is] really known for. Honestly, it works out perfectly. Right now our prime beef… we only get enough of it [to make a few burgers].”

As for restaurant doings closer to his home in Novato, Mina had only nice things to say about Tyler Florence and Sammy Hagar’s takeover of El Paseo in Mill Valley. “I think it’s great. First of all, we’re always looking for great new restaurants in Marin. It’s starting. We’re starting to get more and more restaurants. And both are close friends of mine.” But will he go? “Of course. I love Sammy Hagar.”

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Michael Mina: No Burgers for the Rabble