Market Opens Tomorrow

Market's dining room
Market’s dining room Photo: Syndicate

Market, the Jean-Georges Vongerichten-created restaurant inside the new W Hotel, opens tomorrow. The menu will combine French, Italian, and Asian influences in dishes like soy-glazed short ribs topped with apple-jalapeño puree, and cod with shimeji mushrooms in a miso-yuzu broth. Cocktails include a passion whiskey fizz and a tasting menu will be available. Market isn’t Vongerichten’s first incursion into Boston — the celebrity chef got his start in the United States as executive chef of the now-defunct Lafayette in 1985. Though Boston’s Market (not to be confused with Boston Market) is one of more than twenty restaurants in the Jean-Georges brand, spokesperson Samantha Kain tells us that the man himself will be in Boston for the opening.

Market, 100 Stuart Street, (617) 310-6790

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Market Opens Tomorrow