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It’s Official: Una Pizza Napoletana to Open in SF

Photo: Hannah Whitaker/New York Magazine

New York pizza master Anthony Mangieri will reopen Una Pizza Napoletana in San Francisco next year, somewhere in Soma. That’s as much information as Adam Kuban was able to glean on Slice, but it’s enough to get the wheels of speculation turning once more. Mangieri said back in July that he intended to reopen Napoletana in California with the same name and same oven, but he left us wondering if he would settle on San Francisco or Santa Cruz.

Now that we know he’s heading for the 415, it’s time to start obsessing about exactly where the new restaurant will be, and whether it will make its projected March 2010 opening. That’s already months later than the previous prediction of October, but with real estate foibles, red tape madness, and construction delays, it sounds about right. Welcome to San Francisco, Anthony.

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It’s Official: Una Pizza Napoletana to Open in SF