LA Weekly Writer Slams San Francisco Burritos (Again)

It looks like LA Weekly burrito fundamentalist Jonathan Gold is starting another food fight, bashing San Francisco’s burritos and the fixie-riders who love them. “The last time we casually described the moist, overstuffed monstrosity that San Francisco calls a burrito, it was almost enough to prod the weepy, black bean-craving citizens to ride their fixies down here to picket,” he wrote yesterday in a column about what a burrito really is (Hint: you have to get it in L.A.).

But this time San Francisco is not alone in Gold’s crosshairs. He writes off Colorado’s burritos as “suppurating man-purses” and sneers at Arizona’s “deep-fried mail bombs” and San Diego’s “oozing tubes of melted cheese.” But while we will not be mounting any kind of bike to protest Gold, we don’t think all this burrito diversity is a bad thing. Can a San Franciscan not also love an L.A. burrito? A Coloradan relish San Diego’s tortilla tubes? We implore Gold to preach unity, not divisiveness, wrapped in foil and stuffed with rice.

What is a Burrito? A Primer [L.A. Weekly]

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LA Weekly Writer Slams San Francisco Burritos (Again)