First L.A. Oktoberfest Pulls a Hindenburg and Goes Down in Flames

Saturday’s debut of L.A. Oktoberfest was a disaster that ended only slightly better than the premiere for Nation’s Pride in Inglorious Basterds. Squid Ink documents the epically failed festival today, which included “long lines and scanty food, fratty red cups strewn on the asphalt and police cars, all in a stark parking lot outside of L.A. Mart.” Following that set-up, things only got worse. Beer supplies ran shallow and glass steins promised in exchange for the $15-$100 entry fee did as well, possibly due to a major leak of counterfeit tickets, says one organizer. Then, a beer pong tournament was cut, and the event began to close early as an estimated 2,000 frustrated party-goers were already feeling ripped-off by three hour waits, abysmal bathrooms, and very little to digest.

That’s when police showed up to kill the remaining vestiges of fun, apparently as some pissed (and not in the good British way) attendees threw food at city officials. Writer Drew Tewksbury declares that the event took on a “somewhat East German feel” with the arrival of a police blockade, while Chowhound boards are crying out “fraud” and “scam,” and even suggesting that the organizers have fled for Buenos Aires, like a few other Germany-loving no-good-niks we’ve heard of.

On the promoters’ website, guests are urged to “bare [SIC] with us while we resolve the damages and make fixes.” No beer, lots of police, and sheepish misspellings; It all sort of makes Alpine Village’s tired, but well-chartered party seem appealing again.

Oktoberfest L.A. Drowns in Sorrow [Squid Ink]

First L.A. Oktoberfest Pulls a Hindenburg and Goes Down in Flames