Kermit Lynch Party Promises Another Side of Alice Waters

Photo: Courtesy Dualtone Records

On Wednesday, the album by Berkeley wine maven Kermit Lynch will drop, and whatever you think of his music, if you’re a Chez Panisse fan with money to burn you may consider catching the release party at Great American Music Hall Wednesday at 7 p.m. His pal (and fellow French Legion of Honor holder) Alice Waters will cater the show, which features Lynch and his band playing from his album “Man’s Temptation.” Tickets are $125, which could actually buy you a meal at Chez Panisse, but you know, this is a new setting, and you may be surprised at what health-conscious Waters will cook when she lets her hair down. Check out the menu below.

Catering menu by Alice Waters:

We’ll start with a basket of gougeres on each table, then a friture of oysters and squid and sweet onions, then a crisp salad-filled spring roll, then slices of pissaladiere, followed by kebabs of aged beef and fries, fresh fruit salad and chocolate.

Kebabs? Fries? Chez Panisse may never see the like.

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Kermit Lynch Party Promises Another Side of Alice Waters