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Jay-Z Reveals the Secret Behind Lucali’s Pies

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Yesterday, commenter JRonLI questioned Jay-Z’s food knowledge after he lunched at Nello, but today during an interview with the Moment, the man who penned the line “I used to duck shots, but now I eat quail” balks at a turkey sandwich at the Plaza Hotel: “The bread isn’t as fresh as it could be,” he says. So what does Young Hov find fresh? Well, a certain pizzeria in Brooklyn where he dined last Monday — but he won’t give up the name.

It’s the best pizza I ever had in my entire life. Brick oven. Thin crust. A sauce that they have to make at three in the morning ’cause it’s a family secret — only the father and the son can make it because the people who work at the restaurant can’t know the recipe because other restaurants try to bribe them for it. It’s that good. And that’s a true story.

Obviously, Jigga was talking about Lucali, where he’s known to be a regular, and where indeed we’re told only owner Mark Iacono and his partner and father-in-law know the recipes. Which raises the question — would they give up the recipe for Jay and Bee?

Jay-Z Reveals the Secret Behind Lucali’s Pies