His and Her Cupcake Shops Spring Up in the City

Dual cupcake confectioners are setting up shop on opposite ends of L.A. this week. Big Man Bakes reopened, shortly after its original conception, in a new space on Main in Downtown last night. The owner is one William “Chip” Brown, who L.A. Downtown News confirms is indeed living pretty large at six-foot-five and 270 frosting-infused pounds. Big Man’s mini-cakes come crafted from goodies like organic carrots in a carrot cake, Ghiradelli in a double chocolate, and butter cream on the “old school” yellow cake.

Lest anyone who gives a lick about cupcakes frets that “Big Man” brings too much testosterone to the scene, the Kardashian family rode a horse-drawn carriage to the premier of Famous Cupcakes in Beverly Hills on Wednesday night. Famous Cupcakes’ European-style organic treats have been a hit in NoHo and will open this second location on Monday. Beverly Hills sounds like a perfect fit for anything with the K-Fam’s endorsement, though it might have to compete with Million Dollar Milkshake for celebrity sweet-teeth clients.

So there you have it, his and her cupcakes stops for the Lamars and Khloes of the world. Now let’s see if that old slag Magnolia Bakery will serve as the home-wrecker that ruins this pat arrangement when it shows up in West Hollywood.

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His and Her Cupcake Shops Spring Up in the City