Grocery Clerk Awarded $200,000; Boulud Eyes Singapore

• An Albertson’s check-out clerk who urinated on herself when a supervisor refused to let her take a bathroom break is due $200,000, a court found. [SF Chronicle]

• Spilled milk cartons littered a 25-mile stretch of Highway 680 near Pleaseanton and Concord overnight. [CBS]

• San Francisco hotel workers have authorized a strike after negotiations on their expired contract broke down. [SF Chronicle]

• Daniel Boulud will open an outpost of DB Bistro Moderne in Singapore. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

• Despite the current craze for raising backyard chickens, chicken-rearing is no cake walk. [NYT]

• The makers of Monster energy drink have dropped their lawsuit against a craft brewery that produces a beer called Vermonster. [NYP]

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Grocery Clerk Awarded $200,000; Boulud Eyes Singapore