Getting Restaurants Revolving; Burger King’s New Look

• It’s time to start fighting for what’s right: Revolving Restaurants. A new campaign seeks to get the Hyatt’s Equinox spinning again. [SF Citizen]

• Street food vendors have become surprisingly sparse at some events because they can’t afford new city fees. [SF Examiner]

• Burger King is planning a massive renovation of their restaurants to adopt a more “sit-down” vibe that the company hopes will be “contemporary, edgy, futuristic.” [AP]

• The number of Jewish delis has drastically declined in the last half-century, as Jews became more health-aware and less interested in eating traditional foods. [NYT]

• Posting calorie counts on fast-food menus doesn’t actually appear to change people’s eating habits. [WaPo]

• A West Virginia town is fighting to save its beloved Big Boy monument, even though the restaurant it once adorned is gone. [AP/SF Examiner]

Getting Restaurants Revolving; Burger King’s New Look