For $200, Jose Garces Will Wheel You to His Restaurants

Photo: Bravo

Is it just us, or does Next Iron Chef contestant Jose Garces seem to be everywhere these days? When he’s not on TV, he’s taping something for a TV show or watching TV shows with his guests or encouraging folks to dine on his buns. Now he’s taking his show on the road with a trolley tour of his five Philly restaurants.

If you have $200 to spare and are free Wednesday, November 11, you can kick it with Jose Garces on a “progressive dinner,” wherein guests join the chef on a trolley-propelled tour eating and drinking tour from Amada to Distrito, Tinto, Village Whiskey, Chifa and back to Amada with stops for food and drinks at each. Per the official releasage:

The progressive dinner will feature several signature items from each restaurant, and will introduce diners to the chefs de cuisine at each property, talented rising stars who serve as Chef Garces’ eyes and ears when he is at another restaurant. Menu items will include: Traditional Guacamole with Crab and Pulpo Ceviche, citrus-cured octopus, at Distrito, with chef de cuisine Tim Spinner; Duck Montadito with amarena cherry and Lamb Brocheta at Tinto, with chef de cuisine David Conn, who is also the chef de cuisine at Village Whiskey; Pork Belly Buns and Red Curry del General at Chifa, with chef de cuisine Chad Williams; and Amada’s famed Cochinillo Asado, or roasted sucking pig with traditional accoutrements, served by chef de cuisine MacGregor Mann. Dessert will also be served at Amada, by pastry chef Ann Giles, who creates the desserts for all five restaurants.

The price also includes signature cocktails and drinks at each stop, plus cava on the party bus - er, trolley. Seating is limited 40 guests, and reservations are required. Make them via the vintage telephone method only, by contacting Brooke Everett at (215) 625-2506.

For $200, Jose Garces Will Wheel You to His Restaurants