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Frascati Impresses; Balompi ‘Striking’

Frascati's facade
Frascati’s facade Photo: Courtesy Frascati

• Michael Bauer checks in with Frascati for a three-star update. “This Mediterranean-inspired bistro is one of the most charming neighborhood restaurants in San Francisco, and the service can compete with some of the best places in town.” [SF Chronicle]

• Down in Los Altos, Mandy Erickson checks out Spicy Leaves, where Sri Lankan specialties stand out on a pan-indian Menu. Unfortunately, much of the two-star food seems slightly disappointing, including overdone seafood and bland custard. [SF Chronicle]

• Paul Reidinger found Balompi Cafe “striking” on three counts: The name, the fact that it’s a soccer bar, and the fact that it’s Salvadorean, but the draw is singular: The food. “Torn though some of the other patrons might be between the food and the televised proceedings, there was no contest for us.” [SFBG]

• One-time deli Larkin Express has blossomed into the full-service Burmese Kitchen, where Meredith Brody enjoyed an “intriguing” spread. “Many of [owner Dennis] Lim’s dishes are interesting and unique, even to lucky San Francisco diners who are familiar with the city’s other Burmese places.” [SF Weekly]

Frascati Impresses; Balompi ‘Striking’