The Other Critics

Four Stars for North 26; Good Times at Jade Garden

Photo: North 26

• Robert Nadeau gives the full four to North 26, which “amounts to a popularization of [chef Brian Flagg’s mentor Jasper] White’s best notions” but makes its own name nonetheless. [Phoenix]

• Mat Schaffer has a B for Jade Garden, which offers “fresh ingredients, simply prepared, in generous portions, at affordable prices.” [Herald]

• Devra First heads out to Framingham to check out Big Papi’s Grille. She is not especially impressed and gives it only a star and a half. It is neither particularly sporty (“not enough cool paraphernalia”) nor especially Dominican, so what is it? [Globe]

Garden at The Cellar gets four stars from the Dig: “Overall, the Garden showcases a menu that is packed with as much adventure and reinvention as Clark Kent in a telephone booth. ” [Weekly Dig]

• Cheap Eats dines at South End Pita where “exceptionally creamy” hummus and “nicely seasoned” shawarma can be obtained. [Globe]

• MC Slim JB stops by Buddy’s Diner in East Somerville. It’s “the real deal: a friendly, authentic, not-so-greasy greasy spoon.” [Phoenix]

Four Stars for North 26; Good Times at Jade Garden