Food Cartoon Network: Dancing Hot Dogs and Monster Pizza

Few things are better than anthropomorphic food, and today there’s this: First, City Harvest has enlisted animators for a series of viral videos, and they feature dancing hot dogs, poker-playing fish, and murderous tomatoes. And speaking of murderous tomatoes, Monster Pizzas, a wood-burning, brick-oven takeout joint, has opened on Bleecker Street and, as you can see here, their logo is one to add to the Suicide Food blog. Here’s their menu. They’re open till 4 a.m. and offer a 10 percent NYU-student discount.

Individual Pizzas - $8, extra toppings $1 each
Large Pizzas - $18, extra toppings $2 each

Traditional Monster - tomato, mozzarella, basil
White Monster - Mozzarella, garlic, grated cheese

Health Monsters (regular or wheat)
Green Monster - diced tomatoes, pesto, basil feta
Popeye Monster - spinach, cheese
Sea Monster - shrimp, pesto, cheese

Monster Lovers
Italian Monster - prosciutto, mozzarella
Meat Monster - sweet Italian sausage, mozzarella
Aloha Monster - ham, cheese, pineapple, bacon
BBQ Monster - sliced chicken, citrus BBQ sauce, red onions

Sweet Lovers Monster
Choice of chocolate or nutella base, chocolate chunks, mashmallows, choice of caramel or chocolate drizzle, and choice of fruit and powered sugar

Build Your Own Monster
Choose from these toppings: Cheese, sausage, pepperoni, bacon, mushrooms, olives, garlic, basil, ham, pineapple, extra cheese (feta or mozzarella), strawberries, bananas, peaches, mangos, prosciutto, shrimp, spinach, anchovies, sliced chicken, diced tomatoes, peppers

193 Bleecker St., nr. MacDougal St.; 212-475-0800

Food Cartoon Network: Dancing Hot Dogs and Monster Pizza