First Look at Piccola Cucina Focacceria, Soon Serving Cheesy Bread Till 3 A.M.

Photo: Courtesy of Piccola Cucina Focacceria

After opening and then promptly being closed by the DOH due to paperwork snafus that they then worked out, Piccola Cucina still hasn’t reopened yet, but owner Philip Guardione (a Sicilian who was formerly chef de cuisine at Milan’s Four Seasons Hotel) is on the brink of launching a sister venue, Piccola Cucina Focacceria. The specialty here is focaccia di recco — Crescenza cheese sandwiched between two layers of thin-crust focaccia, in the tradition of the Italian town of Recco. (You can see a delicious-looking photo of the stuff here). As you can see on the menu below, there are six varieties. Will it bring an end to Neapolitan-pie domination? Probably not. But we’re looking forward to trying the precursor to Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust — and we suspect we’ll end up doing so in the wee hours, since the five-table room will be open till 3 a.m. (fresh-baked croissants will also be served starting at 8 a.m.) Pending one last inspection, Guardione hopes to be up and running this weekend.

Focaccia col Formaggio di Recco
Traditional two-layer thin crust focaccia filled with crescenza cheese 6
Cotto with Italian prosciutto cotto and crescenza cheese 6.50
Pizzata filled with creamy crescenza cheese, topped with tomato sauce and oregano 6.50
Ligure with imported crescenza cheese, Sicilian anchovies and capers 7.50
Pesto with crescenza cheese and pesto 6.50
Gorgonzola filled with Italian gorgonzola cheese 7.50

Rita margherita 5
Boscaiola imported porcini cream, brie, mozzarella and parmigiano 6
Estate imported prosciutto cotto and mozzarella, arugula, cherry tomatoes 6

Bruschetta and more
Tomato garlic, basil 4.50
Porcini mushroom cream, bresaola, sminach, crescenza 6.75
Croissant scamorza, mortadella, truffle oil 5.75
Tuna tomato, mozzarella, parsley 6.25
Arancini rice balls with mozzarella and meat 3.50

Chocolate Mousse 5
Tiramisu 4
Breakfast & Beverages

Croissant with nutella, pastry cream, chocolate or marmalade 3
Pancake 3.50
French Toast 3.50
Cappuccino 3
Espresso 2
Caffe Latte 3.50
Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice 4
Peach Juice 4

Piccolo Cucina Focacceria, 120 MacDougal Street, nr. W. 3rd St.; 212-677-7707

First Look at Piccola Cucina Focacceria, Soon Serving Cheesy Bread Till 3 A.M.