Dubious Wine Larceny Defense; A City Hall Garden?

• A Boston man has plead not guilty to stealing a $20,000 bottle of wine on the grounds that he didn’t realize it was worth so much. [Globe]

• City Council At-Large candidate Tomas Gonzalez has proposed creating a community vegetable garden on City Hall Plaza. [Allston-Brighton TAB]

• Ruth Reichl got a free sandwich at the Newark Airport yesterday when the clerk recognized her and said “I’m so sorry; this one’s on me.” [NYP]

• Wendy’s is launching a new ad campaign touting the freshness of its products. [WSJ]

• Baltimore’s anonymous pizza bloggers are getting odd packages like steak knives in tomatoes or messages in jars left on their doorsteps. [Slice]

• Despite the recession, business is great for food festivals. [WSJ]

• At 1,725 pounds, a pumpkin grown in Ohio may be the world’s largest. [NYDN]

• Ferran Adria will be the subject of a ten-part series on Spanish public television. [Eater National]

Dubious Wine Larceny Defense; A City Hall Garden?