Dogtown Dogs Debuts At SMC Today, Flying Pig To Open A Restaurant

Photo: Dogtown Dogs

The city keeps on truckin’, with two new food trucks charging the freeway to reach their Twittered destinies. The Flying Pig Truck rolled out this past weekend with a menu created by two Cordon Bleu/CSCA-trained chefs who have kept the menu small but serious. Buns are prepared with pork belly or as sliders, aside Asian toppings like daikon sprout and banana mustard. Five tacos twist the formula, putting oyster mushrooms and “death sauce” on short ribs, green papaya and cilantro cream on spicy pork, and toasted almonds on a tamarind duck, which sound like the coolest tacos since Kogi’s. Squid Ink lets us know that owner Joe Kim is using the truck as a testing ground for Butalanai, a restaurant he’ll open in West Hollywood over the next few months.

Elsewhere, Ma Kai’s former chef and GM have teamed up to bring us Dogtown Dogs this week, which should inspire lively debate among intellectuals as to where the real Dogtown is located. Owner Mike Rosa tells Daily Dish that the truck is an attempt to do for hot dogs what Sang Yoon and so many others have done for burgers. They will have five hot dogs and a couple of specials to start, with grass-fed meat from Rocker Bros., including a chile relleno dog, a vegetarian cheesesteak, and a Frito-topped “trailer trash” dog. Although the truck is not supposed to roll out until Thursday, you can find it at Santa Monica College right now until 2 p.m. and later at the Santa Monica Pier from 5 to 9 p.m. Happy truckin’!

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Dogtown Dogs Debuts At SMC Today, Flying Pig To Open A Restaurant