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Details of Rosamunde Expansion Revealed

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If all goes according to plan, there will be a second location of Rosamunde Sausage Grill in the Mission District by January 1. Owner Jennifer Tucci told Grub Street today that she and new partner Josh Margolis have closed a deal to buy the current Cafe Arguello space on Mission Street near 24th Street. They plan to keep the existing Rosamunde menu, adding a couple of dishes that Margolis says “won’t be expanded that far off of sausages.” They’re building out the bar area and adding some 20 beer taps. The rest of the space will stay more or less the same, including those giant windows, but they’ll replace the existing tables and chairs with new communal tables, tall tables, and regular tables with bench seats. They won’t have table service, so you still order and pick up the food and beer at the counter.

“Myself and Josh, we have both spent a lot of time in the mission. I’ve been hanging out there myself for the last 14 years. I just feel more connected to the Mission,” Tucci said. Both Tucci and Margolis stressed that the original Rosamunde will stay unchanged. But fans of that location know the classic thing is to take your sausages next door to the Toronado, a move Tucci hopes to render obsolete in the new spot: “As far as people taking their sausages to other bars in a basket, I guess we’ll leave that as an option, but it’s more focused on having people stay and hang out in our space.”

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Details of Rosamunde Expansion Revealed