First Look at Jason Denton’s Corsino, Serving Crostini in the Old Frederick’s Downtown Space

Lupa partner Jason Denton lived a block away from the Frederick’s Downtown space for seven years before he scored the convenient real estate with its prized corner windows — and last night, he rechristened it corsino (all lowercase, thank you very much). He explains that the name is a play on the Italian word for “well-wisher,” and slang for “in the way of ‘ino,” the root of his piattini party that includes ‘ino, inoteca, and ‘inoteca liquori bar. Like its forerunners, the latest venture aims to ingratiate the neighborhood with “a fun energy and modest price point,” says Denton. Here, bruschetta gives way to a crostini and salumi bar, and larger plates like braised lamb and octopus amatriciana are unique to this location. The menu, including an Italian wine list and cocktails, is served from 6 p.m. to 3 a.m. nightly, and heated sidewalk seating opens come spring. Click through the slideshow to see the updated Euro space, and check out the prime grazing menu below.

Corsino Menu

crostini 2.5

sweet onion and walnut

brussels sprouts and pecorino

preserved eggplant and mint

butternut squash and roasted garlic

mushroom and tallegio

ricotta and orange honey

cannellini bean and artichoke

fennel and orange

cauliflower and saffron

radicchio and goat cheese

basil pesto

ceci and broccoli rabe

olive tapenade

chicken liver


tuna and capers

irish trout spuma

shrimp and arugula


olives and pickles 5

baked ricotta with grilled ciabatta 9

farro salad with fiore di latte stuffed peppers 11

chickory salad with olives
and lemon vinaigrette 9

roasted beets with yogurt
and pistachio 11

spinach salad with red onion,
orange and walnut vinaigrette 11

roasted butternut squash
with pomegranate, celery root
and guanciale 11

frutti di mare salad with calamari,
octopus and shrimp 13

parmesan risotto croquette with
wild arugula 12

affettati with house made testa,
lingua and imported coppa, soppresatta and prosciutto di parma 18

cannellini bean soup 8

busecca tripe soup 10

prosciutto, fontina and arugula panino 11

saltimbocca panino 15

grilled eggplant and pesto panino 11

coppa and wild arugula panino 11

testa and lingua panino 12

roasted pepper and goat cheese panino 11

broccoli rabe and mozzarella 11

cacio e pepe flatbread 16

fussili with sausage and tomato 14

tagliatelle with lamb ragu 15

linguini with clams and oregano 16

orecchiette with rabe and sundried tomatoes 15

chicken ravioli with mushrooms and sage 15

crespelle with ricotta, tomato and basil 12

carne e pesce
baked irish trout with brussels sprouts, grapefruit and shallot 16

grilled lamb shoulder chop with ceci and radicchio 18

grilled octopus with potatoes all’amatriciana 12

braised heritage pork osso bucco with fennel and onions 19

heritage brisket meatballs with tomato and pecorino 15

grilled chicken spiedini with artichokes and roasted garlic 14

tuna and sweetbreads spiedini with capers and lemon 16

shrimp spiedini with cannellini beans and arugula 15


brussels sprouts 6

butternut squash 6

yukon gold potatoes 6

broccoli rabe 6

Corsino, 637 Hudson St., at Horatio St.; 212-242-3093

First Look at Jason Denton’s Corsino, Serving Crostini in the Old