The Best Of Chicago’s Thirty Under $30

Chicago magazine runs down thirty dining deals that clock in under thirty bucks in their November issue, and among the predictable inclusions (delicious-but-cheap fare from the likes of Chilam Balam, Han 202’s much-ballyhooed $20 five-course prix fixe) there are some deals that really made us sit up and take notice:

• You can land a five-course dinner for $20 at Tsuki Japanese Restaurant on Sunday nights.

Cafe Des Architectes’s three-course Sunday-Monday-Tuesday $29 prix fixe is really more like five when you consider the amuse bouche and mignardises.

• Tuesday nights at Duchamp you can pick anything off the regular menu to create a $25 three-course dinner; the same deal (night, price, number of courses) also runs at Le Bouchon.

• Possibly the best deal of all: on Tuesdays, the entire menu at Sweets & Savories — foie gras on a wagyu burger, lobster mashed potatoes, everything — is half-price.

Obviously the best nights for dining on the cheap are early in the week — which makes sense, since that’s when restaurants are hurting for butts in seats. You can find the complete list of Chicago’s Thirty Under $30 in their November issue, on newsstands later this week. And yes, it includes deals for all the other nights of the week.

The Best Of Chicago’s Thirty Under $30