Halloween Candy

Chefs’ Favorite Candy

Since they know food so well, we thought we’d ask a group of local chefs what their favorite candy is to eat, plus what they plan to hand out to trick or treaters come Saturday. Enjoy the sweet answers of nine L.A. chefs, but beware the scariest house of all–the one that hands out toothpaste!

Chef Kevin Meehan, Café Pinot
“My favorite candy is candy corn, and I’ll be handing out pocky sticks to trick or treaters.”

Chef Anthony Zappola, Craft
“My favorite store-bought candy would be licorice: cherry, black, and my favorite is salted licorice. For trick or treaters, if it wasn’t Saturday night and I wasn’t working, I would make caramel corn with pumpkin seeds.”

Karen and Quinn Hatfield, Hatfield’s
“Quinn and I are candy freaks. When we met, Quinn would literally have bowls of candy around, usually Skittles and Starburst. Our favorite Halloween candy is, for sure, candy corn. We’ll probably give baby Snickers, which is another favorite.”

Chef CJ Jacobson, The Yard
“Bit-O-Honey is my favorite.”

Chef Andrea Cavaliere, Cecconi’s
“My Favorite Halloween treat is a sweet and sour jelly called wine-gum, made by a company called Rowntrees. I am not sure if it exists here in the U.S.”

Pastry Chef Jessica Goyrl, BLT Steak L.A.
“My favorite store-bought candies are Reese’s Pieces, and Smarties for Halloween.”

Chef Dave Northrup, Rush Street
“Snickers. My parents were from the south so I grew up with Snickers from the fridge w/ Coke over crushed ice. I will hand out whatever my goddaughter wants which will probably be something sour or in shiny packaging.”

Chef Robert Danhi, Author, Southeast Asian Flavors

“My favorite candy is the Ginger Candy found in mainstream markets or simply Crystallized Ginger.”

Pastry Chef Jen Shen, Wilshire

“My favorite all time store bought candy are Swedish fish and Whoppers!! I will be giving trick or treaters toothpaste this year. Someone’s gotta be the bad guy, or the good guy, depending on how you look at it. Plus my sister is a dentist and she would never forgive me!!

Chefs’ Favorite Candy