Pat’s and Geno’s Outdoor Seating Is Illegal

Photo: Kirsten Henri

We are shocked - shocked! - to discover that not everything is kosher over at Cheesesteak Las Vegas, otherwise known as the nexus of Pat’s and Geno’s. The department of Licenses and Inspections recently discovered - after roughly one million years of the two cheesesteakeries having outdoor seating - that the outdoor seating is, in fact, illegal.

Of course, this being a very important tourist attraction, there are two separate bills headed through City Council right now to make everything legit. There is some good L&I-related; news though: according to the Inquirer, there is a “streamlining plan” in the works for L&I;, reducing the number of possible licenses restaurants and caterers might have to apply for from seven to one.

L&I; Says Outdoor Seating at Pat’s & Geno’s is Illegal

Pat’s and Geno’s Outdoor Seating Is Illegal