Bayless Loves Banh Mi; Free Coffee For All

• Rick Bayless, in Washington DC for a private event, swung by G Street Food and got a banh mi. [City Paper]

• Whether Chicago does or does not land the Olympics tomorrow, Dunkin Donuts is offering free coffee to everyone in town next Monday as a way of saying thanks. [Inbox]

• Alton Brown dissed several of his Food Network co-stars in a recent radio interview. On Sandra Lee: “semi-sane… semi-out of her mind.” [Food Network Humor]

• Chili’s is revamping some of its most popular menu items (like the ribs and burgers) and bringing back its late 90s “I want my baby back” jingle. [WSJ]

• The current wine surplus means better prices for consumers. [NYDN]

• Chick-Fil-A has been crowned America’s best drive-thru by QSR Magazine. [PR Newswire]

Bayless Loves Banh Mi; Free Coffee For All